• Domain: Manufacturing
  • Technologies Used: GeneXus, IBMi, SQL
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New Customer Application

  • The client has old 'New Customer application', which was used to create, maintain and track all customer records. The application was accessed through the client intranet portal by Inside Sales, Sales Managers and Accounting Representatives. This application was using SQL and AS/400 databases.
  • The old application was redesigned using Genexus with Java. Also, the application started using only one database on AS/400. The user interface was transformed and workflow was introduced into the application. The security module was completely aligned with its AS/400 counterpart.


  • Extracting the business knowledge from the old ASP code of the old application.
  • Migrating database from SQL Server to AS/400.
  • Introduction of workflow.
  • Integrating new change requests into the application and align them with existing logic.


  • After getting initial understanding of project, we prepared study documents for each ASP page to understand data movements and application navigation better.
  • We prepared detailed field by field table structures for new tables on AS/400. Experimented with data movements from SQL to AS/400 fields before moving them into the final application.
  • We first created demo workflow application to understand the internal working structure of GxFlow (Workflow implementation module of Genexus). One tested well, we introduced it in the final application. One of the distinct features of introducing workflow was that it was completely transparent to the end users. The user interface was kept intact even after introduction of workflow.
  • The existing and new functionalities were merged seamlessly into the new application.
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