• Domain: Web Hosting
  • Technologies Used: Microsoft ASP.NET and Microsoft SQL, apart from the mentioned technologies there are 3rd Party API’s which are required: PageSpeed, BuiltWith API and PDF Creator tool
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Web Speed Evaluation

  • Summarizing detailed reports on various aspects of website technology and speed
  • Provide website page performance
  • Inside view on inner workings of the website
  • Web Speed Evaluation provides details about client website such as
    • Web server details
    • Email Services details
    • Hosting Provider details
    • Content Management System details
    • Framework details
    • JS Libraries details
    • Analytics and Tracking details


  • Understanding different API (Application Programming Interface)
  • Formatting of the data received


  • Analyzing page speed score by recommending Mobile or Desktop
  • Generating data for performance scores and website technology in MS SQL System Database
  • Usage of different API’s for report generation
  • Scaling developers performance
  • Endorsement of page details such as Page Load Time, Page Size, and Number of Requests
  • Monitoring effectively and resulting efficiently
  • Provides a PDF version of the report
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