How We Do

It is not only important that we provide quality products and services but we also emphasize on how we do it. Depending upon our client and the requirement of the project, we use best industry practice applicable. Be it Agile or Waterfall whichever methodology fits best for a project, we follow it in every phase of SDLC. We have a dedicated Quality team who takes care of our Quality goals through regular audits and proper reporting.

Idea / Analysis

We do maximum research and brain storming during this phase to come up with remarkable ideas which can be taken forward as a product/service or solution.

Content Development

Every idea is documented in detail for future enhancements and also to remove dependency. Any new member can start working on it at any point of time saving both time and effort.


We take utmost care to spend enough thought and research to produce a robust design which is the base for any successful solution. We know the importance to assess and mitigate risks at the right time.

Development / Execution

During development we constantly focus on code reviews, maintain proper coding standards and also keep in mind modularity and re-usability aspects to utilize resources optimally.


We use appropriate Change Management processes and tools to finally launch the product to production. Our processes take care of version controls and avoid any conflicts.

Measure / Maintenance

We provide complete support and maintenance of our products and solutions for smooth and seamless execution. We use different matrices to provide tangible solutions.

We have meticulously designed our processes which help to execute, monitor, manage and maintain your projects without being rigid. Our best practices in processes can seamlessly merge with your requirements and processes to create a positive difference to your business!