• Domain: Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Technologies Used: C#, Microsoft .NET, MVC, AngularJS, Bootstrap, SQL Server, Entity Framework, REST API
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Company Intranet Portal

  • Employee management portal within the company
  • Updated with ongoing projects and details of the employee those are assigned on the projects
  • Database of employee details
  • Tracking systematically employee leaves
  • Helpful for updating employee details and company policies
  • Knowing birthdays of team mates
  • Notification of leaves via emails
  • Data compatible as per client requirements e.g. excel or word files
  • Knowing and providing the details for list of employees
  • Maintaining leave balance structure
  • Timesheet management
  • Holiday calendar is organized


  • Accessing system according to employee role
  • Implementing leave calculations in a scenario when leave approval is pending
  • Leave calculation task gets difficult once the leaves are blocked for the specified duration


  • Giving an easy access to all users by assigning different roles and access rights
  • Implement leave approval workflow
  • Import and Export employee details for leave data
  • Export data timesheet to Excel or Word as per client requirement
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