• Domain: Supply Chain Domain
  • Technologies Used: HTML-Thymeleaf, Javascript, Jquery, Spring Boot, STS, Oracle
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Manufacture Item Update

  • Download supplier file with Item price update details as per supplier schedule.
  • Create exceptions based on current item price and the updated price received in the supplier file.
  • Display exceptions to user for approving or rejecting the exceptions
  • User is assigned specific role for viewing the exceptions


  • Implementing scheduler that should be executed as per schedule time.
  • Downloading large supplier file data.
  • Converting downloaded supplier file format to CSV format.
  • User authentication as per AS400 users
  • Implementing html UI with Spring Boot Framework
  • Communicating with DB2 database using API’s from jt400.jar


  • Implemented multi-threading for downloading large amount of supplier data.
  • Implemented html (Thymeleaf libs) for interactive and responsive UI.
  • Implemented Scheduler API’s to download file as per supplier schedule.
  • Used Spring boot controllers for implementing MVC architecture.
  • Used JT400 JDBC templates for interacting with DB2 database.
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