• Domain: AS400 ERP 3.8
  • Technologies Used: HTML-Thymeleaf, Javascript, Jquery, Spring Boot, STS, Oracle
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AS400 ERP Java Based API

  • Providing ERP functions like pricing & availability, create, cancel order, track order through a API interface with JSON format, making it accessible across different platforms.
  • API’s developed for Create order, cancel order, Return management, track order, pricing, availability


  • Communicating with AS400 db2 database using stored procedures with JT400.
  • Connection pooling for scaling API.
  • Parallel processing for tracking multiple orders at a time
  • Debugging AS400 JOB through java


  • Implemented multi-threading for bulk API calls
  • Used Spring boot controllers for implementing MVC architecture
  • Used JT400 JDBC for interacting with DB2 database
  • Used WSO2 API manager for authentication and authorization part
  • Used Oauth2 standard for API authentication
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