• Domain: Web Application
  • Technologies Used: PHP Zend framework, MySQL, MonGoDb, JQuery, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3
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Quote and Contract

  • Quote is an abbreviation for quotation in LSCS. Quotes and contracts play a central role in the entire business that users manage using LSCS.
  • After passing through different validation steps and acceptance by the customer, a quote gets converted into a contract
  • We have 360 degrees reporting analytic
  • There are several types of reports which are mainly divided into Hardware, Software, Contract, and General reports
  • You can take following actions on all reports:
  • Export
  • Email
  • Share
  • Clone
  • Set Notifications
  • Customize view of the columns
  • Graphical presentation
  • Save
  • Reset


  • To make region specific quote and contract
  • To make various functionality in reports


  • Implemented on Demand Approach
  • jqgrid to show data in tabular format and it helps to searching and sorting make easier
  • Used HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap to provide responsiveness
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