• Domain: Manufacturing
  • Technologies Used: IBMi, RPGLE, CLLE, DDS
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Unicode Project – For Chinese characters

  • To create a Unicode-enabled version of the software.
  • The project involved two phases: (i) software modification and (ii) testing.
  • The project is medium-sized, involving about 800 Physical Files (PF), 900 Logical Files (LF), 800 Display Files (DSPF), 700 Printer Files (PRTF), and more than 2000 programs.


  • The feature was relevant to alphanumeric data and every Unicode-enabled field occupies twice the original storage.
  • Unicode-enablement is relatively new andIBM does not seamlessly support Unicode in applications developed using RPGLE & CLLE. Therefore, Logical Files, Display Files, and Printer Files, and RPGLE & CLLE programs also needed modifications.
  • IBM does not provide Unicode support for legacy Printer Files that use O-specs. We had to convert around 200 programs to use external printer files instead of O-specs.


  • X-Analysis tool was utilized for the Unicode conversion process. The tool automated some of the modifications but the more complex changes had to be handled manually.
  • We tested the Unicode-enabled version and resolved the issues that we came across.
  • We identified functional issues by comparing our test results with results of the non-Unicoded version of the software.
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