• Domain: Equipment Rentals
  • Technologies Used: IBMi, RPGLE, CLLE, DDS
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Field Expansion project using X-Analysis

  • RentalMan is a complete ERP package for an equipment rental company.
  • As a major enhancement to Version 11 of this product, we completed project to expand all amount fields by 2 digits. This involved changes to the entire release which included about 300 database files, 750 display files, 600 printer files, 1400 RPGLE and 400 CLLE programs.


  • To identify exact number of database files, related display files, printer files and RPG and CL programs.
  • Take care of big amount of interdependency while moving through the project phases like coding, compiling, testing.
  • Make sure that application functionality does not change and whole application works as before.


  • We used X-Analysis tool to gather first-hand information about the volume of the change.
  • We needed to plan and execute project phases very carefully to avoid building of the entire release each time some change is made at database level.
  • After coding was completed, we did multiple rounds of smoke testing and then detail testing to make sure that application accepts bigger values seamlessly and executes cleanly.
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