• Domain: Manufacturing
  • Technologies Used: WebFOCUS, Javascripts
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Aged Account Receivable report

  • Project was from accounting department which gives better insights of pending bills of the customers.
  • Project involved 3 views of the report – Summary, Monthly and Detail.


  • Dynamic handling of columns and aggregation in the report based on view selected.
  • Analyzing report data and complex joins since data for the reports were coming from 10 different tables.
  • User had and option to select up to 5 subtotals at a time and some special requirements for subtotals were also there based on specific selection.


  • Created Single synonyms using synonym editor in webFOCUS including all tables and handling joins at webFOCUS synonym level.
  • Launch page development was done after learning java script and getting inputs from tech support forums for java script.
  • Handling of columns and specific subtotals were done by using dynamic parameters in the report.
  • Created the report codes by dividing the codes into modules for ex- separate files for default parameters, drill parameters, sorting logic and main report files. This approach was useful in debugging and understanding the codes.
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